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But as soon as your Campaign is over, many of the people who followed you and entered may unfollow or unsubscribe. Because they just wanted that iPad, and may not have been interested in your services unless you happen to sell iPads! It helps attract a targeted audience.

And if the prize is something your company offers, or is directly linked to it, new people will be interested in participating in your next Campaign to learn more about your brand. They published their Campaign as a landing page, and also to Facebook, where they receive a lot of organic engagement.

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This Campaign received a 78 percent increase in entrants and a percent increase in Campaign views, compared with previous Campaigns that were published to Facebook only. Offering more than one prize might seem like an effective way to attract more entrants to a contest.

However, giving away multiple prizes can actually have the opposite effect. The researchers attributed this to consumers being unable to evaluate the value of prizes when there are more than one available. However, there is a benefit to offering more than one prize if the prizes are all different.

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When you offer different prizes at different levels, users feel like they have a higher chance of winning something. If you plan to give away more than one prize at a time, consider offering prizes in tiers — for instance, first, second and third place prizes. This allows the Campaign creator to display a couple of prize options at different levels of value — such as a coupon, a gift basket, and a gift card — and participants can pick one to enter. Collecting this data allows for easy email list segmentation, or you can combine the data from each prize form to build a new list.

Discount-style promotions are also effective because everyone wins. Traditional giveaways that promote having one grand prize can be viewed as discouraging to many users. The mentality often is since there is such a small chance of winning, why even enter? To avoid this problem, promoting a discount or coupon code through automation — such as an email sign up form that triggers a download button to appear — can be a great solution and alternative to a physical giveaway prize.

There is less overhead for the host, too.

Discounts and coupons give participants a reason to make a purchase. In other words: Give a little, get a little. They offered six prizes and let users pick the one they wanted most. The prizes were fun but small, such as a coffee mug, a Mr. Draws Donations Letters Prize ideas. Printing Selling.

Contact Advertise Premium Listings. Home Tickets Printing Printing Tickets Your ticket should include the location, date and time of the social, as well as the reason of the event name of the couple for a wedding social , and the price of the ticket. Do it Yourself You can get your tickets printed at just about any printing outlet in the city, or search online for ticket or business-card printing services.

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